1) Football

The ongoing Koinonia Cup which kicked off on 23rd July 2011 will have its finals on 20th  August 2011 at the Kinyanjui grounds Satelite. The tournament is proudly sponsored by Koinonia Community and organized by Sports for youth Development Initiative (SYDI ).

Over 16 youths teams from  Dagoreti divison are participating in efforts to kick off away crime in the area, The inaugural Koinonia cup was in 2005.

2) Wrestling

SYDI organized a wrestling event on 6th Of August 2011,this was a friendly tournament that will lead the teams participate in another national tournament in Kitale Kenya,and an international tournament end of this year,
participating teams were,
Officiating team;
  1. Daniel wanyika - Niavasha
  2. Geoffrey Jemo - Ruriu
  3. Nasir Sibu - Naivasha
  4. Robinson Murundo - Kivuli bullfighters - Nairobi

Ruriu Prisons  took position 1,and the Naivasha 2nd ,Kivuli 3rd,

The Kivuli bullfighters are currently training with the Prisons Ruiru club every Tuesdays from 7am to 12pm to acquire more skillful techniques in the game,we are currently looking forward to making wrestling a great sport in the community. Catch a glimpse of the event on the video below

3) Martial Art Club

The Martial art Team has an International tournamnet in October in Korea during the Wongu Peace Cup. It will be the 3rd World cup in Korea.