Traditional Wrestling


Traditional wrestling was a very important feature of life in ancient Africa. The sport was immensely popular in Egypt, Nubia, West Africa and in many other parts of the continent before the colonial era threatened it with extinction. Despite this long period of lag, the sport’s unwritten memory somehow faltered its way into independent Africa. In some parts it simply never faded, for instance among the Nuba people of Central Sudan, where African wrestling remained a widely practiced activity despite colonialism and Sudan’s long civil war

Several efforts are today being pursued to restore the sport’s popularity across Africa. In Kenya, SYDI has come up with the idea of popularizing African wrestling as part of our campaign to use sports as a creative avenue for addressing the numerous problems facing our country’s youth. It has since organized two  major wrestling events involve a team of wrestlers from Kakamega, the Kivuli Bull Wrestlers from Nairobi, and a team of Nuba wrestlers from Sudan here in Nairobi.